Cantina Mobil, Darlinghurst


  • There have been numerous occasions when I would stride past Cantina Mobil during lunchtime and catch wafts of aromas that promised something delicious and strong in flavour.
  • One soft shell chicken taco with lettuce, chilli corn, tomato salsa, chilli con queso (a mild Mexican chilli cheese) and chipotle mayo later on a $3 Taco Tuesday…
  • I did not realise that tacos could be so tasty.
  • The meat was tender and moist.
  • The chilli elements packed a good level of spiciness that had a bit of kick without being anywhere near the vicinity of a fire devouring my mouth.
  • There was a very nice balance of flavours, helped by the fact that the ingredients seemed quite fresh.
  • Considering the size of the taco (roughly the size of a saucer), it is deceptively filling and I think two of these would make for an adequate lunch on an average day.
  • My small (and only) gripe is the $5 price tag that one of these vessels of yumminess comes attached with when it’s not Taco Tuesday.

One thought on “Cantina Mobil, Darlinghurst

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