RivaReno Gelato, Darlinghurst


  • From what I’ve read, RivaReno Gelato purport to be traditional Italian ice cream with a strong focus on high-quality ingredients, freshness and purity.
  • A huge fan of Gelato Messina, I’ve passed RivaReno Gelato many times with a hint of curiosity over their take on ice cream.
  • So, here’s the scoop (couldn’t possibly pass up the pun).
  • The ice cream monster (yours truly) tried Fior di Panna: “a pure white cream with a touch of Madagascan vanilla” and Canella: “intense cinnamon with white chocolate chips”.
  • I definitely noticed the smooth, light texture straightaway. Also, kudos to the ice cream for maintaining its structural integrity very well i.e. it melted at a much slower pace that allowed for leisurely consumption.
  • Unfortunately, the ice cream didn’t deliver in the flavour department. After the initial mouthful, the cloying sweetness pretty much takes over and masks the flavours.
  • While I appreciate RivaReno Gelato’s ethos, I can’t say I’m inclined to head back.

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