Stock Market Kitchen, Sydney


  • I have been quick to rekindle my affair with Stock Market Kitchen ever since I learned of their expansion to the Sydney CBD at the ANZ Tower.
  • Now, I’m by no means a salad pusher, but Stock Market Kitchen is the place for salad that is always tasty, fresh and filling.
  • Their product offering does go beyond salads i.e. there’s a range of pastas, soups and smoothies but the salads – at least for me – are where it’s at.
  • Medium mixed leaf + carrot + feta + cucumber + egg + tofu + spinach + tomato + Thai dressing = I love being able to build my own salad & did I mention the hunk of complimentary bread that is perfect for soaking up the remnants of dressing?
  • A new add-on to the Stock Market Experience is their recently launched mobile app that allows you to place an order ahead of time and then simply swing by to pick up your delicious food.
  • Thus far, though, my two app ordering attempts have not been successful.
  • Attempt 1: Placed my order, arrived at Stock Market Kitchen, and was told that their printer for the app orders hadn’t arrived yet.
  • Attempt 2: Placed my order, arrived at Stock Market Kitchen, and was told that they had forgotten to turn on the printer.
  • On the topic of the app, there’s a misspelling of “almons”, and the ingredients list doesn’t seem to account for stock availability.
  • App failures aside – and I’m hopeful that attempt 3 will be seamless – Stock Market Kitchen is a solid provider of delicious salad that I’ll be frequenting regularly and enthusiastically.

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