Coco Rice Thai, Ryde


  1. Steamed Snapper – This was seasoned quite well, though some parts packed more of a punch than others. The green apple, combined with the lime added a nice element of tartness. The flesh was supple and retained a good amount of moisture.
  2. Salt Pepper Calamari – Salt and pepper squid and the likes of it is actually a tricky dish to get right. Coco Rice Thai’s version was greasy, lacked flavour and the calamari pieces should’ve been cut to a slightly smaller size.
  3. Green Curry Chicken – I don’t really gravitate towards curries as I often find the creaminess of the coconut milk overwhelming. I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle coconut flavour of this curry and the way it was enhanced when combined with rice. More vegetables would have been nice. What puzzled me was that this wasn’t hot at all, despite the menu displaying the maximum of three chilli icons.
  4. Larb Gai – A minced chicken salad with bits of mint. I picked out the greenery and can’t say this dish had much going for it in terms of seasoning.
  5. Pad Thai with Soft Shell Crab – Ah, pad thai: the dish that is to Thai food what fried rice is to Chinese cuisine. Overall, the flavouring could have been kicked up a notch, including the sourness of the lemon. The addition of chilli was an interesting touch, and cashews made a nice change from peanuts. I did really appreciate the slight chewiness of the noodles, which is one of the markers I tend to judge pad thai on. What really “made” this dish for me was the soft shell crab factor. The pieces were generously sized and featured a delightful crunch. It essentially negated all of the cons and elevated the dish from a place of okay-happy-to-eat-it to tasty territory.
  • My second Thai meal of the year post-Thailand trip at Coco Rice Thai was a definite improvement when compared to my first one which took place at Home Thai.
  • I’d definitely recommend making a reservation as this seems to be quite a popular spot for a food fix.
  • I’m not sure if this was intentional but the pacing of dishes being brought to the table was really good.
  • I’ll undoubtedly be returning for the Pad Thai with Soft Shell Crab, and the Steamed Snapper is also something I would be happy to order again.

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