Ssong Ga Chicken, Strathfield


  •  In my limited repertoire of Korean restaurants, Ssong Ga Chicken’s offering is quite different.
  • The restaurant has a scattering of round tables, each with an inbuilt stove/giant hot plate contraption.
  • The aforementioned hot plate was filled with vegetables (mainly cabbage), chicken, rice cakes and lots of moderately spicy sauce.
  • While the food slowly frolicked in the pan and teased with delectable aromas, the waiter would occasionally stop by to stir things around with two metal spatulas.
  • As the cooking continued, the aroma and sauciness of the dish intensified.
  • The finale for stage 1 was a scattering of grated cheese before we were able to dig in.
  • There were also some side dishes – raw cabbage with a bit of dressing, thinly sliced white radish and pickled onion – that went really well with the main dish.
  • Stage 2 commenced when the hot plate was about two-thirds empty.
  • Rice topped with some nori strips and a small helping of more vegetables was added to the hot plate and incorporated with the remnants of stage 1.
  • The upside to the second stage was that there was no need to wait.
  • Though, waiting for a little while did result in some crispy rice forming which was enjoyable.
  • I don’t envy whoever had the job of cleaning the hot plates – burnt food bits are bound to be a pain to remove.
  • Overall, a filling meal that was tasty and saucy.
  • The only thing the dish could have done without was the grated cheese but it wasn’t a big deal as I do quite like cheese in general.

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