Food Links I Love


  1. Substituting tea for coffee in an affogato is both novel and would mean I could have this as an after dinner dessert without worrying about a massive caffeine buzz.
  2. I need to try making cinnamon buns.
  3. Although titled as Chocolate Pistachio Thins, I think these are like biscotti?
  4. I’ll have to procure some nutritional yeast if I intend to get more salad into my life via this dressing.
  5. Funky gold-coated popcorn art installation.
  6. Full of flavour, I imagine.
  7. The berries in this look stunning.
  8. I must say, I’m intrigued by this avocado beef pattie.
  9. The basket drawers change the feel of this kitchen, giving it a subtle rustic element.

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