Infinity Sourdough Bakery, Darlinghurst


  • I’m always keen to try things from places where the baking happens on the premise.
  • I briefly perused the menu outside, leaning towards one of their pies.
  • Once inside, the pies on display didn’t seem particularly enticing and made me think, “How great could a pie possibly be?”
  • Or perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for something extremely hearty and heavy.
  • In any case, the cinnamon scroll caught my eye with its copious dusting of the spice.
  • I was expecting a cinnamon bun but this actually turned out to be a pastry.
  • Given its shape, it was very fun to unravel and eat in stages.
  • I’m sure that the general consensus would be that the pastry was good.
  • However, it was much too buttery for my palate so I found it difficult to enjoy about halfway through as my experience felt weighted down.
  • The cinnamon – while plenty –  was rather flat, and I think a bit of sugar would have enhanced its flavour.
  • Maybe I should just try one of their sourdough core offerings next time.

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