Number Two, Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst


  • “Peanut butter gelato with chocolate brownie and dulce de leche jam.”
  • I love it when I’m craving a sugar hit and Gelato Messina nails it.
  • Unlike in Peanut Butter Florentine and Smashed Crab, the peanut butter flavour in Number Two was a pronouncedly solid presence.
  • The quality of the brownie chunks was on par with those in Mocha Macamania i.e. a great consistency that was firm, yet slightly chewy, as well as a good dark chocolate taste.
  • And the final component of the dulce de leche jam was nicely executed with a smooth, strong flavour that held its own amidst the other ingredients.
  • While this trio of flavours blended nicely in a mouthful, each part was also physically distinct enough to allow me to deconstruct the scoop as I consumed it.
  • Verdict: fun to eat, tasty, and if only my serving had had more than four brownie chunks…

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