Let’s Do Dessert, Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel, The Rocks


  • Firstly – admittedly, not the most relevant point but it’s worth noting in my books – the reception area of the Shangri-La Hotel smells heavenly.
  • For the past few years I’ve been meaning to check out the sweet offerings that various eating establishments have as part of Good Food Month’s Let’s Do Dessert.
  • I finally got around to it this year (and just in the nick of time, too).
  • Given that there was only a scattering of people in the Lobby Lounge, it was a bit odd to be told upon arrival that they were completely booked out for dessert.
  • But it worked out fine as we were directed to one of the many available seats and served a trio of desserts accompanied by a glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine.
  • The presentation was simple but effective.
  • I was most taken with the tiny shot glass dessert that had a proportional spoon attached to it and tackled it first.
  • It was the most interesting dessert out of the three, featuring layers of passionfruit curd, crunchy pear pieces alongside liquid-filled beads, chocolate mousse, crunchy chocolate-covered waffle balls and mango jelly.
  • Ideally, all of the layers should have probably been consumed in one go but it was difficult to manoeuvre.
  • The passionfruit curd was very fragrant.
  • The pear pieces were nice and refreshing but I wasn’t a fan of the liquid-filled beads.
  • The chocolate mousse was light yet flavourful.
  • The waffle balls were fun but didn’t add much to the dessert.
  • The mango jelly’s delivery of fruit notes paled in comparison to the passionfruit curd and I consider it as one of the weaker components.
  • Next up, I went for the lollipop.
  • I was kind of expecting a cake pop but this was essentially pink strawberry cream that had been dipped into white chocolate.
  • I didn’t like this.
  • It was very sweet, and the strawberry came across as artificial.
  • It seemed out of place/somewhat of a filler/lacked the sophistication of the other two desserts.
  • Last but not least, was a concoction of raspberry, chocolate cream dollops, thin milk chocolate slabs and a most intriguing base.
  • I tried a forkful of the whole combination together before giving in to my tendency of deconstructing food in order to consume it in layers.
  • I was expecting the raspberry to be stronger and the basil garnish may have been added to give this dessert a bit of an edge but I felt that there needed to be something more pronounced to cut through all of the milk chocolate.
  • The base was my favourite bit.
  • I couldn’t quite figure it out because it seemed to be composed of tiny compressed crumbs that were very crispy.
  • It held a hint of hazelnut that struggled to get through the milk chocolate components.
  • Oh, guess I lied about the “last but not least” bit since I concluded with the glass of dessert wine.
  • My knowledge of wine pretty much ends at being able to distinguish between white and red in terms of colour.
  • As this was described as a dessert wine, I was expecting it to be sickly sweet.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how well-balanced the flavours were.
  • It had none of the harshness that I’ve tended to experience with white wines, and its sweetness was nicely tempered by an almost tart note.
  • Overall, I enjoyed my first foray into Let’s Do Dessert.
  • While not everything in the Lobby Lounge’s dessert sampler was a winner in my books, I view this kind of experience as more of an experimental venture that is unlikely to be a complete disaster but does hold the potential for something to be slightly amiss.

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