Food Links I Love


  1. I’d probably leave the cilantro out of these spiced lentils with egg.
  2. A creative marketing campaign to promote fresh produce.
  3. I think it’d be fun to deconstruct the layers of these peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough brownies.
  4. After finally getting my hands on some savoury yeast, I tried out this vegan mac and cheese recipe. My version wasn’t vegan as I used regular milk. I also didn’t have any dry mustard or turmeric on hand. Regardless, it was still tasty. Next time, I’m going to have to ramp up the seasoning quantities though as I think it could’ve been more flavoursome.
  5. Plate-ception.
  6. Tile tattoos to switch things up in the kitchen.
  7. Not that we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but this Thanksgiving croissant being offered by Momofuku Milk Bar sounds tasty.
  8. Haha, sausage-stuffed piglet buns. *oink oink*
  9. There’s something very cute about the shape of these ceramic sugar containers.

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