Mejico, Sydney


  • After hearing that Mejico is usually packed, I made sure I booked a table for dinner (even though it was on a Wednesday night).
  • Sure enough, it was pretty busy when I arrived and maintained a steady stream of patrons over the next couple of hours.
  • A lot of thought has gone into the decor with dried chilli cascading from the ceiling, copious amounts of tequila bottles lining the wall, and a smattering of pink that is pulled from the logo to the walls to the waiters’ uniforms.
  • I definitely liked the energy of Mejico, and was hoping that it would deliver on the food front as well.
  • The ingredients were definitely fresh but unfortunately the dishes didn’t really wow me.
  • I think the main problem was that there was a lack of balance in the flavours.
  • Another downside was that it was very noisy – kind of understandable, given the amount of people – which made for a conversation peppered with “sorry?”, “pardon?”, “what?”.
  • All of the staff members were friendly and the service was good.
  • Given that it’s a mixed bag of positives and negatives, I’m torn on whether I would go back.
  • I would like to give Mejico a second chance.
  • At the same time, I can’t say I was impressed by the food and there isn’t really anything on the menu that’s calling out to me.

Market Fresh Guacamole

  • The presentation of this was super cool.
  • The ingredients arrived on a platter along with a mortar and pestle that was then used by the waiter to make guacamole on the spot.
  • Plantain chips that had been lightly seasoned with some sort of paprika powder accompanied this dish and made for an interesting flavour combination.
  • Overall, the taste was okay.
  • It didn’t leave my taste buds dancing in excitement but I guess I really enjoyed the way it was served.

Braised Lamb Shoulder Tacos

  • I wish I could say that this soft shell taco experience was comparable to my benchmark.
  • It was a vicious cycle: every mouthful was a brief moment of bliss from the soft texture of the lamb that was promptly followed by the marring reality of its extreme saltiness.

Glazed Pork Ribs

  • The menu described these as “Worth the mess, even on a first date”, which made them sound rather promising.
  • I stuck to eating the ribs with cutlery so I can’t comment too much on the mess factor.
  • What I can say though is that this dish was very average and that the sauce was too sweet.

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