Two Stroke, Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst


  • “White chocolate, hazelnut and coffee gelato with candied hazelnuts.”
  • My initial response was appreciative of the coffee note but then my tastebuds just got slammed by pure sweetness.
  • Each subsequent mouthful was a push and pull between the coffee and hazelnut flavours, which would have been enjoyable and interesting sans the overarching sugar overload.
  • The candied hazelnuts added a nice crunch.
  • They may have needed more roasting though to bring out a richer hazelnut aroma.
  • Alternatively, the hazelnut in the gelato could have been amped up.
  • I’m not too big on white chocolate so I wasn’t really fussed about it not being evident.
  • Although, perhaps it’s the white chocolate that was responsible for the sweetness?
  • Lastly, this melted super quickly.

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