Menya Mappen, Sydney


  • I’ve always been an avid udon eater.
  • My main gripe with udon dishes in restaurants is that the broth tends to be overloaded with a greasy film from the vegetable/prawn/what have you tempura accompaniment.
  • Upon discovering Menya Mappen a few years ago, I’m pretty sure I stopped ordering udon elsewhere.
  • The ordering process mimics a canteen line.
  • The queue commences at a fridge filled with a mixture of soft drinks and Japanese beverages.
  • There’s a variety of rice and noodle dishes you can order from the counter before you shuffle along a self serve section that features tempura, seaweed, bamboo shoots, mochi and various other food morsels.
  • And then you pay for your tray of food, find a seat at one of the tables and dig in.
  • I don’t deviate much from my small bowl of udon with seaweed and/or egg.
  • And their takoyaki is nice as well.
  • It’s simple, tasty and good value for money.
  • One thing to note is that Menya Mappen isn’t the place for long leisurely meals so enjoy your quick food fix and then scoot out into the CBD in search of some dessert.

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