Caramel Hazelnut Dome, Cheeky Chocolate, North Strathfield


  • With their impressive array of visually enticing sweet treats, Cheeky Chocolate pretty much has dessert covered.
  • I’ve only frequented this place at night and – seeing as dessert options are otherwise limited on George Street – there’s a constant bustle in both the indoor and outdoor seating areas.
  • Luckily, I always manage to snag a seat indoors.
  • It’s heavy on the mood lighting but I adore the slightly eclectic mix of leather armchairs/couches and the cluster of chandeliers that resides over the big dining table by the entrance.
  • To date, dome-shaped desserts across different dessert venues have yet to let me down.
  •  And this Caramel Hazelnut Dome is a serious contender for dessert of the year (and I don’t say these things lightly).
  • I did take a quick snap of the dessert description so that I could give an accurate overview of all the components of this dome.
  • However – blame the lighting, my shoddy photography skills or the glass casing – it came out way too blurry to make out the words so you’ll have to make do with my words.
  • Cheeky Chocolate’s Caramel Hazelnut Dome was  a magical concoction of a delicately crisp shell that housed a delightful hazelnut mousse with a flavour that was strongly reminiscent of Nutella.
  • At the centre, there was a dreamy butterscotch caramel mixture with a potential hint of salt and crunchy caramel bits.
  • There were elements of cinnamon in the base that just enhanced the dessert overall.
  • Every bite of this was great.
  • It was decadent and filling though.
  • I imagine consuming an entire dome per person may actually lead to a point of diminishing enjoyment.
  • So – word of advice, kids – do as I did and make sure you have a buddy on hand to share the greatness.

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