Have a Gay Old Time, Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst


  • “Swirls of caramel and milk gelato with bits of chocolate covered biscuit crumbs”.
  • If memory serves me right, this flavour got in a bit of strife a while ago over its name.
  • Guess the people at Streets didn’t appreciate Gelato Messina christening this concoction Golden Gaytime.
  • So, Have a Gay Old Time is essentially Gelato Messina’s take on Streets Golden Gaytime.
  • And I think it falls short.
  • Granted, I’ve only eaten the Streets version once or twice, and it has been quite some time since I did.
  • However, I can recall its distinguishing coating of cookie pieces quite vividly and would definitely call it a tasty treat.
  • The cookie pieces/crumbs in Have a Gay Old Time were well dispersed.
  • Its primary downfall was that it needed more chocolate, either as part of the cookie crumbs or as part of the gelato.
  • It also had a very rapid melting rate.
  • *wanders off in search of the real thing*

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