Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point


  • The super cute gyoza image that’s on the outer wall of Harajuku Gyoza caught my eye when they were still in the process of building out the premises.
  • Fast forward to their opening in August and seeing Lee’s post reminded me about the mental note I had to check out this place.
  • I made a couple of dinner plans with friends but they fell through.
  • So it wasn’t until the last month of this year that I finally traipsed into Harajuku Gyoza to sink my teeth into their dumplings.
  • One of the most eye-catching aspects of the decor was the colourful plates that decorated the wall.
  • They also formed part of the serving dishes on the table, though I was slightly puzzled about the choice to use plates for dumplings.
  • The waitress was a bit too eager – we were accosted pretty much as soon as we were seated before we’d even had a chance to glance at the menu.
  • Eventually, we settled on two choices of gyoza and two of the izakaya dishes.
  • The poached pork gyoza would probably be my pick out of the four but that isn’t saying much as they tasted pretty average.
  • The grilled chicken gyoza was too salty, and didn’t particularly have a chicken flavour.
  • The texture of the agedashi tofu’s coating wasn’t quite right and it tasted below par.
  • The pork katsudon was rather heavy and not enjoyable either.
  • Had any of the dishes been more pleasing, I would have been inclined to sample their dessert gyoza (Nutella banana, I’m looking at you) but I was keen to leave this dining experience behind me.
  • Sorry to say that Harajuku Gyoza was disappointing.
  • Its cute logo, pretty plates and hi-tech toilets just weren’t sufficient compensation for the lacklustre food.

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