What I Ate


  • I first stumbled across Chris Sandel in September last year, began reading his website and subscribed to his email mailing list.
  • Recently, he emailed around an offer to receive a free health and nutrition plan.
  • I love to eat but do feel that the relationship with food we have nowadays is wrought with unnecessary complications.
  • Ideally, I want to learn how to listen to my body and trust that it knows what it needs.
  • I want to nourish it with the right foods.
  • I want to eat something, enjoy it, and then move on.
  • It was an interesting 45 minute session that left me with some food for thought, as well as suggestions on changes I could make.
  • One of the things I’ve been struggling with over the last year and a half is the inability to sleep through the night.
  • Chris theorised that this could be because I’m not eating enough, which causes my body to increase its stress hormones.
  • As a result, my sleep gets disrupted because my body is under stress.
  • Anyway, his advice was to try increasing my intake of calorie dense food throughout the day and having a snack before bed.
  • He also said that it’d be useful for me to keep a food log three days a week.
  • So here’s what I ate.

Breakfast: Overnight oatmeal with cinnamon, half a banana and frozen blueberries (more or less a breakfast staple for me) + bread with cheese

Snack: Yoghurt with granola (both homemade)

Lunch: Toasted sandwich with avocado and feta + roasted cabbage, carrots and onions

Snack: Mixed nuts (not pictured)

Dinner: Iranian bread spread with feta and topped with BBQ chicken and cos lettuce which was a super tasty combination. And since I was pretty hungry, I ate some more cos lettuce topped with the BBQ chicken. This was then followed by two plums.

Snack: Macadamias + a teaspoon of peanut butter (not pictured)


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