What I Ate


Breakfast: Overnight oatmeal with cinnamon, half a banana and frozen blueberries + bread with peanut butter + cheese

Snack: Yoghurt with granola

Lunch: I had a medium mixed leaf salad with carrot, feta, cucumber, sweet potato, egg, tofu and tomatoes with Thai dressing from Stockmarket Kitchen that resembled this quite closely. It would’ve been glorious if I hadn’t accidentally spilled more than half of it. So my actual lunch consisted of a diminished salad with  bread (not pictured) + a donated portion of another Stockmarket Kitchen salad featuring cos lettuce, bacon, corn, parmesan, croutons, egg, pasta shells and tomatoes with Caesar dressing.

Dinner: Sushi with salmon, carrot, avocado, cucumber + beef wrapped in herbs (not pictured)

Snack: Frozen blueberries + a teaspoon of peanut butter


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