Chefs Gallery, Sydney


  • Generally speaking, I don’t gravitate towards Chinese cuisine when dining out as I usually feel like I can eat that kind of food at home.
  • Chefs Gallery, however, makes for a nice place to pop in.
  • Its biggest draw cards are probably the handmade noodles, as well as their famous piggy dessert buns (which I have yet to try).
  • The food photography in the menu is solid and showcases the variety of dishes on offer well, though the dishes that actually appear on the table don’t have the same level of presentation finesse.
  • My tried and true favourite dish from Chefs Gallery is spinach noodles wok fried with seafood.
  • On this particular occasion, they were out of the dried prawn roe so we had to order the version without it.
  • It was still okay but I think the dried prawn roe really elevates this dish as it adds a very interesting fishy flavour.
  • Wok fried green beans with finely minced pork was something I’d be happy to order again.
  • The beans’ exterior had a slightly blistered texture and carried the garlic flavour well.
  • The steamed dim sim sampling platter was a good approach to taste test but nothing really stood out, and I wouldn’t bother with their dim sims in the future.
  • All in all, a pleasant eating experience.
  • My only gripe with Chefs Gallery would be that their food seems to be heavy on MSG.
  • Being parched after a meal isn’t really a great feeling so this restaurant isn’t on my frequently visited rotation.

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