Green Peppercorn, Fairfield


  • I guess Green Peppercorn has a few things going for it: it’s spacious, there are many patrons and enough waitstaff to cater for them.
  • There are no bookings on weekends (and Fridays?) so when I headed here for dinner on a Saturday night with a fairly large group, we had to wait for the whole party to arrive before being seated in their banquet room that’s slightly separate to the rest of the restaurant.
  • One of the perks of eating out with a large group is that the selection of dishes that can be sampled from the menu is much greater.
  • It was a bit of a nibble feast in terms of trying a bit of everything on my plate.
  • I ate sticky rice, pad Thai, pad se ew, tom yum, chicken larb, Lao charcoal BBQ chicken and som tum.
  • It was all edible but the noodle dishes (i.e. pad Thai and pad se ew) were seasoned too much on the sweet side of things, and the majority of the food seemed to lack punch.
  • I also had a taste of some of their desserts.
  • They do giant ice cream bowls that look like they’d be fun to make but the contents are nothing special.
  • The pandan and black sesame crème brûlées sounded like an intriguing Asian twist on the classic dessert but came across as artificial and overly sugary.
  • Par thung go (essentially, fried dough sticks) that were served with a pandan sauce weren’t tasty and the sauce wasn’t really appetising.
  • Perhaps it would have been better to order the various sticky rice dessert options.
  • The crepes were all right, though rather filling and not delicate at all.
  • All in all, Green Peppercorn isn’t a bad place to go to.
  • I wouldn’t return of my own accord because none of the dishes enticed me but I wouldn’t put up a fuss if it happened to be a future dining destination.

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