Food Links I Love


  1. This made me laugh.
  2. I’d struggle with eating this chocolate Nutella cake due to the amount of frosting but isn’t it beautiful?
  3. Aside from the name (I don’t buy into the whole “super foods” thing), I would be quite happy to eat a bowl like this for lunch or dinner multiple times a week.
  4. This scallop engraved wooden cutting board sure looks pretty but I wonder if food would get stuck in the grooves.
  5. Simple popsicle idea.
  6. Nice to know there are affordable kitchen appliances that get the job done. 
  7. Make-ahead roasted vegetable burritos. They look like they’d be very satisfying and filling.
  8. Something always crops up to stir the pot about food. This time it’s about whole milk.
  9. The concept of juice cleanses intrigues me but as someone who seriously enjoys chewing food, I think I’d struggle with only being able to drink my meals. The Orchard Street presentation is beautiful though and it was interesting to read about Kate’s experience.

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