Choc Mint, Gelato Messina, Pyrmont


  • “Real fresh mint gelato with chocolate chip.”
  • I think I first developed a taste for mint and chocolate as a youngster, when I would sneak After Eights from my mum’s restaurant’s fridge.
  • In terms of ice cream, I used to like Bulla Creamy Classics Mint Choc Chip until they changed it into a fluorescent green concoction that tastes like toothpaste.
  • Nowadays, I tend to turn to Magnum Peppermint because it is an acceptable hue of mint green, has got a fresh flavour and boasts a great chocolate shell with a satisfying crunch.
  • Anyway, back to Gelato Messina’s concoction.
  • I was really surprised by the actual mint flavour that this had.
  • I’m not really into eating mint as a herb so I felt torn between the authenticity of this gelato versus my taste buds’ potential preference for what passes as mint in confectionary.
  • The chocolate chip was delicate, slightly chewy and just right in terms of quantity.
  • Every mouthful was just so interesting.
  • I think I’d still look to Magnum Peppermint to satisfy minty cravings but, at the same time, I wouldn’t be opposed to eating Gelato Messina’s Choc Mint again at some point.

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