Sweet Street Bakery, Parramatta


  • I was pretty hungry when I walked into Sweet Street Bakery and had my heart set on a beef pie.
  • However, the only beef option available was a steak and cheese pie which didn’t really speak to me.
  • So I opted for the lamb and rosemary pie instead with sides of brussel sprouts salad and beetroot salad.
  • The pie was lukewarm.
  • Chunks of tender lamb were interspersed with potato and carrot pieces with an adequate amount of sauce.
  • Not a bad flavour combination but, at the same time, nothing special.
  • Both salads were underwhelming.
  • And the desserts behind the glass counts looked a bit sad so I didn’t hang around for a sweet treat.
  • Overall, the food filled me up but it wasn’t satisfying.

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