Kakawa Chocolates, Darlinghurst


  • There’s something about handmade chocolates that always lures me in.
  • When I discovered Kakawa Chocolates last year, I did mention that there were some morsels I was keen to try in the future.
  • Well, here we are in the future where Kakawa Chocolates is no longer across the road from work for me.
  • Luckily, I popped in to pick up a mini box of four handmade chocolates before relocating offices.
  • Unluckily, none of them were particularly impressive.
  • Salted Crispy Crunchy – The rice bubbles embedded in this chocolate gave it an airy crunch and there was a hint of salt. However, its downfall was that the milk chocolate tasted very generic (and dare I say slightly stale?).
  • Chocolate Nougat – This was soft, fragrant and easy enough to eat. I’m unsure whether the semi-coating of dark chocolate was really necessary as the flavour didn’t come through at all. The pistachio pieces were welcome but it would’ve been nice if they were roasted for a bit of crunch.
  • Tonka and Vanilla – I suppose this chocolate was very true to its name as the vanilla flavour was extremely strong. In fact, the dark chocolate casing that was rich and fragrant struggled to balance against the vanilla.
  • Lychee – Normally, I steer away from fruity chocolates but lychee just seemed too unusual to pass up. Unfortunately, it did nothing to sway my preference towards fruit flavours in chocolates. It tasted fruity and sweet but the flavour definitely didn’t resemble lychee at all.
  • Regardless of this disappointing selection of four, Kakawa Chocolates does have some gems and the staff is always friendly.

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