TeaPlus, Burwood

I’ve been seeing TeaPlus’s signature plant milk tea pop up in social media feeds at sporadic intervals for about a year. Naturally, the purveyor of all cute food-related things in me was quite chuffed to recently swing into TeaPlus for a late lunch. It’s definitely a popular spot with a steady stream of people waiting outside. The space is relatively small and clean with basic furnishing. The hand-illustrated menus add a nice quirky touch that aligns well with the equally quirky plant drink presentation. However, the menu is a bit scant on English and does not include images for every item. Having said that, the staff is helpful (and their online menu is a bit more descriptive).

Original Plant Milk Tea
I figured the original version of TeaPlus’s house special would form a good baseline. The milk tea itself was good in that it was sweetened only very slightly, allowing me to taste the actual tea. My favourite part of the drink though was the layer of “soil” i.e. crushed Oreos. The soil rests on a layer of foam that is salted so that added some interest as I spooned my way through the Oreos. Another thing to note is that the serving size was bigger than I had anticipated. It definitely made things more filling.


Kumara Wedges
I’m always intrigued when I spot sweet potato chips/wedges on menus and this was no exception. The wedges had a rippled pattern on them that suggests they may have been cooked on some pressed grill contraption. They were served with tartare sauce which I didn’t particularly care for. I really liked that the wedges were super crunchy, fun to eat and think a sprinkle of salt or paprika could enhance them.


Pork Floss & Seaweed Tamago
This dish was essentially an omelette with cheese at its centre and a scattering of pork floss and seaweed over the top of lashings of mayonnaise. I found it hard to eat as it was too rich and creamy for my liking.


Pork Sauce Noodle
The prospect of noodles is usually exciting. The noodles were covered by pork, vegetables, preserved cabbage and corn so a bit of stirring was required to integrate the various components. Initially, I wasn’t sold on the flavour of this dish, finding it a tad too bland and almost herbal. However, the second serving was actually rather nice as the sauce had had more time to be absorbed by the noodles. I would prefer pork mince over the pork belly they used though.


All in all, going to TeaPlus is firstly about the novelty factor of their plant milk teas. The food is nothing groundbreaking but good enough to garner return visits. The Kumara Wedges and Pork Sauce Noodle dishes would be on my re-order list. As for things I’d like to try, the matcha or taro variations of milk teas are potential contenders for future visits, as are the House Special Chicken Basil and potentially the Pork Sauce on Rice.


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