Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills


  • Do you like potatoes?
  • I love them.
  • My recommendation for Mad Spuds Cafe is not to get distracted by seemingly “interesting” dishes on the menu e.g. Vegan Brekkie Stack.
  • Stick to the specialty that’s proclaimed in the name.
  • More specifically, go for the Potato Nachos.
  • Potato Nachos consist of potato skins that are¬†dusted in a sprinkling of flavoursome paprika powder, served with some minced beef, guacamole and sour cream.
  • The potato skins are crisp and tasty.
  • The minced beef veers slightly on the too sweet side.
  • The guacamole is fine, though I wish there was more of it.
  • All in all, worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a potato fix.

Food Links I Love


  1. Flourless chocolate espresso cake.
  2. I would love to devour this.
  3. Visiting Ben & Jerry’s headquarters sounds rather¬†cool (excuse the pun).
  4. Grey kitchen.
  5. Pretty darn cute cake pops.
  6. When is honey mustard ever bad?
  7. Matcha mint iced tea certainly looks nice.
  8. Caramelised onion spinach and bacon pizza. Yes.
  9. Adorable cookies.