The Maltster, Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst


  • “Chocolate malt gelato with malt cheesecake smashed throughout.”
  • My understanding of malt is slightly fuzzy but good ol’ Wikipedia tells me that “malt is germinated cereal grains”.
  • I know that it can be used for alcoholic beverages but I tend to associate malt with Maltesers and Milo.
  • The first spoonful definitely made me think of Milo ice cream, though it later became a slightly richer chocolate flavour that was quite satisfying.
  • I usually think that Gelato Messina do cheesecake-related flavours quite well.
  • In this case though, the generous chunks of cheesecake were way too buttery for my liking.
  • So, while I still intend to flock to future malt or cheesecake flavours, I’d pass on this particular combination.

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