Bourke Street Bakery, Potts Point


  • I was initially lured to pay Bourke Street Bakery a visit by the promise of cookies on their online menu.
  • However, once I got to the store, my attention was swiftly diverted by the range of pastries on display behind the glass counter.
  • Now, contrary to the picture above, I actually ate the depicted tarts on two separate occasions.
  • For my first foray into exploring Bourke Street Bakery goodies, I decided to try their Ginger Brûlée Tart.
  • The cult following that this particular tart seems to have was even enough for me to put aside my semi-ginger aversion.
  • It was certainly an interesting combination of flavours.
  • The burnt sugar layer had a decent crack but was nothing noteworthy.
  • The custard was very smooth and the pistachios were a good addition.
  • What about the ginger?
  • It was definitely a strong flavour that held its own against the other components of this tart.
  • It didn’t exactly clash but – and perhaps this is just my semi-ginger aversion bias talking – it wasn’t what I would call a 100% harmonious blend either.
  • The pastry was impressive.
  • It was slightly flaky but condensed for a bit of crunch.
  • It also helped to balance out the custard and ginger.
  • All in all, this is one of those desserts that I would eat again for the mere intrigue of the interplay between its flavours.
  • Next up, the Chocolate Tart.
  • Using milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate made this less heavy.
  • The pastry, as mentioned above was very nice.
  • Overall, the Chocolate Tart wasn’t anything special.
  • My main gripe would be its overbearing sweetness with nothing to cut through it.

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